Hexágono maintains permanently a staff of mechanics to give a fast answer to the printing works in case of any incident produced in our guaranteed machines, or in any other that need our services.

   Hexágono will be at your disposal for all you need before, during and after installing the machine in your print houses.

   Hexágono If it's your wish, Hexágono will give you professional advice about the machine which better adaptes yo your needs, taking you off to its inspection at source. Subsequently Hexágono would dismantle and move the machine to our storehouse, where would be completely cleaned and checked.

   The machine will be transferred to our storehouse by qualified staff, where afterwards it would be assembled by our technicians till its total starting.

   Hexágono guarantees its machines during 6 months as it appears in our contracts.

   Hexágono maintains a perfect tune with leasing companies specialized in the financing of graphic machinery and a big agility in the study of business deals with a very reasonable interest rates.


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